Knock Out Final

Those of you that attended the field last Sunday will have agreed what a beautiful autumn day it was: fun shooting, great sandwiches and the spectacle of one of THE last great sporting events of the calendar – the Elaine Fagg (Recurve) v Chris Mott (Compound) Knock Out Final!

Both competitors shot valiantly but, in the end, it was Elaine who took the title scoring on HC 1480 to Chris’ 1440. Not to be outdone Kevin Fagg also took first place in the Unclassified section!

The Ruffle family also went away with a medal each in a final set of results that looked like this:

Winner: Elaine Fagg with 1480
Runner up: Chris Mott with 1440

Classification Results:
Senior Master Bowman: Roy Watts
Junior Master Bowman: 1st Louisa Piper, 2nd Eleanor Piper, 3rd Alex Davies
Bowman/JMB: 1st Danny Embury, 2nd Harvey Davies, 3rd Sean McArdle
1st Class: 1st Edward Ruffle, 2nd Alan Ruffle, 3rd Andy Hopkins
2nd Class: 1st Mike Piper, 2nd Helen Ruffle, 3rd James Woodgate
3rd Class: 1st Alex Ruffle, 2nd Keith Pritchard
Un-Classified: 1st Kevin Fagg

Well done to all – great shooting!