Surrey County Field Championships

On Sunday 2nd November, a few members of Woking Archers braved the horrendous weather to compete in the Surrey’s 30th Anniversary Field shoot at High Ashurst, near Dorking.
On arrival, we could smell the sausage, egg & bacon rolls being cooked and served with teas & coffees in the tent.  Mark & Candy signed us in, told us our starting points and the bows & equipment were checked by a Judge.
This field shoot is run differently to ours, as we shot 1 arrow from one peg, then a second arrow from a peg closer to the target. Two archers could shoot at the same time, as two pegs were set side by side at the first distance, and then again two pegs at the nearer distance. There were all sorts of bow types being used, with & without sights.
We started at 9 o’clock, and it seemed to be turning into quite a nice day.  How wrong we were.  By target 3 the heavens opened!.  It poured for the whole 3 hours.  We were soaked to the skin!
After finishing the first 16 targets, we stopped for lunch.  The caterers had provided a lovely hot Chilli con Carne, homemade burgers, sausages or bacon in rolls.  With wet clothing being draped over car heaters, we tried to dry out as much as possible.
Round 2 started off dry & luckily for us, it stayed that way until the end. Apart from Candy doing a “beautiful swan dive” through the mud, cutting her knee open & being carted off to hospital for 10 stitches, we all had a great day. She even returned to finish off the scoring with Mark.  What dedication. Well done Candy.
Woking Archers also managed to came away with a couple of medals.
Luke Mathews came 2nd in Barebow, and Alan Ruffle came 3rd in Longbow.
Thank you County of Surrey Archery Association for a well run shoot.
Submitted by Helen Ruffle
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