It’s been a busy start to the year!

Club Records (*County Record)

30/11/14 Louisa Piper Short Junior Warwick Ladies U12 Recurve 406 *
21/12/14 Olga Sokolovskaya Short Metric  Ladies Barebow 275
21/12/14 Luke Mathews Short Metric Gents Barebow 485
21/12/14 Ed Ruffle Short Metric 1  Gent U18 Barebow  198
28/12/14 Ed Ruffle National Gent U18 Barebow 224
30/12/14 Louisa Piper Worcester Ladies U12 Recurve 261 *
30/12/14 Eleanor Piper Worcester Ladies U16 Recurve 277 *
1/1/15 Chris Woodgate Long National Gentr U18 Compound 598 *
1/1/15 Louisa Piper Short National Ladies U12 Recurve 490
1/1/15 Eleanor Piper Long National Ladies U16 Recurve  461
1/1/15 James Woodgate Long National Gents U12 Longbow 38 *

Please take a look at the classifications and handicaps on the website as these have been re-calculated following the start of the new year. Also, if you are a senior archer and you moved up a classification in 2014, you will be eligible for a classification badge. These will be awarded at the end of the soup shoot Frostbite on 11th January.

See you all there..!