Stand back – Incoming records!

It may only be just past the end of May but our new RO Phil Embury is already exhausted with this lot! Well done everyone:

Woodgate Chris      Albion  Compound Gentlemen U18  936  County record (2009)
Ruffle Ed                 Bristol II   Barebow Gentlemen U18  599  County record
Piper Louisa            Bristol IV  Recurve Ladies U12  1228  County record (1983)
Matthews Luke        Hereford  Barebow Gentlemen 855
Olga Sokolovshaya Hereford   Barebow  Ladies 440
Piper Eleanor           Hereford   Recurve  LadiesU18 1050
Gamble Leo            Jnr Warwick Recurve Gentlemen U16 321
James Sammie       Jnr Windsor Compound Ladies 469
Embury Danny        Jnr Windsor Compound Gentlemen U14 892  County record
James Sammie       Long Metric IV Compound Ladies 209
Woodgate James    Metric II  Recurve  Gentlemen U14 1142
Woodgate James    Metric III Recurve  Gentlemen U14 1241
Piper Louisa            Metric IV Recurve  Ladies U14 1314  County record
Ruffle Ed                 National  Barebow  Gentlemen U18 244
James Sammie       Short Jnr Nat Compound Ladies 496
Embury Abi             Short Jnr Windsor Compound Ladies U12  800 County record
Bristow Manon        Short Warwick Recurve    Ladies U14 278
Lawrence Tuck Jane Short Windsor Compound   Ladies 956 County record
Wilson Angus          St George  Barebow Gentlemen 491
McArdle Sean         St George Longbow  Gentlemen 203
Miles Ruth               St George Longbow  Ladies 79
Piper Louisa            WA 60m Recurve Ladies U14 505
Piper Eleanor          WA 60m Recurve Ladies U18  629  County record
Piper Eleanor          WA 70m Recurve Ladies U18 521
Piper Eleanor          WA Ladies Recurve Ladies U181168
Mott Chris                Windsor  Compound  Gentlemen  970  County record (2007)Woodgate James    Windsor Recurve Gentlemen U14 856
Ruffle Ed                  Windsor  Barebow  Gentlemen U18 473
Tuck Matthew          York Compound  Gentlemen 1236
Woodgate Chris       York  Compoun Gentlemen U18 1210  County record (1990)

And there are also some new classifications just in:

Tuck Matthew   Gents Compound Master Bowman
Piper Louisa      Ladies U14 Recurve Junior Master Bowman
Embury Danny  Gents U14 Compound Junior Bowman
Davies Alex       Ladies U14 Recurve Junior Bowman