On Target stage 2 – a local derby between Woking AC v Guildford AC

Today, Mon 16th May, Woking hosted Guildford for stage 2 of the On Target competition. Sorry we didn’t get this widely publicized, the date was only agreed on Sunday afternoon.

For this round the Woking team was made up of Helen Ruffle, Matt Tuck, Chris Mott and Roy Watts.


The match was closely fought between the 2 teams with the low sun making it very challenging for the Compound archers. After the team round Guildford had edged ahead. Woking pulled back the lead during the compound and recurve pairs, winning both. Woking then managed to hold onto the lead during the individual round and won by the overall match by 11 point to 10, a reverse of last years result.

Congratulations to the Woking team and thank you to Guildford for a challenging shoot and your great company.