Eleanor’s Trip to the Worlds

Eleanor returned from the World Field Archery Championships with an 8th place under her belt – not bad for only her third field archery shoot!

Thanks must go to those that helped her fast track her learning. First of these is our very own Surrey County President Dave Morris who helped her (and Louisa) in their first rudiments of the discipline down at WAC and also on a day’s training trip to Crawley. Next are our friends Joe and Colin Fairburn who first persuaded them to try Field Archery after Joe and Louisa shot target for two days together back at the Staffs in April. And last, but by no means least, are those field archers who have helped both girls with their introduction to Field Archery as target companions over two days at a time – you know who you are!

The Worlds started with a qualification round of 24 Unmarked Targets and in this Eleanor finished ranked 7th out of thirteen U21 girls from nine countries. The following day (after lost sleep with a fever and heavy cold) she shot the next qualification round of 24 Marked Targets where she ended 4th (perhaps shooting off colour is the way to go?!). This meant that Eleanor finished the Qualification Stage ranked 5th overall.

Next day were the Elimination rounds where the slate was wiped clean. In the morning, the archers shot just 12 targets with only the Top 8 going through to the afternoon and in this (scoring with her fingers as by now she had completely lost her voice!) Nell came 6th. In the afternoon the slate was wiped clean once again and the remaining eight archers shot just eight targets to determine the last four that progressed into the semis. In this second elimination round Eleanor came equal 7th on points but 8th on 6s (the top score on a field face).

She was extremely happy with her performance and had an absolutely fantastic time. She met many new friends, had her photo taken with Brady Ellison, Jean Charles Valladont and Sjef Van Den Berg and did an archery shirt swap with her new ABF Urska Cavic from Slovenia. She wore her new Team Slovenia shirt today down at WAC!