Surrey Training Sessions

Apologies for the short notice we have only just come aware of these session and the deadline original deadline was to be 11th November, Val has agreed to extend this deadline for a few days to allow for applications as it seems many clubs have not previous been aware. Anyone interested should reply by return to Val as requested below.

Any previous attendance or selection will not mean you are entered for this years training without reapplying as below.

The names of archers wishing to be considered for inclusion in the County Training Scheme are currently being collected.

If you, would like to take part and are willing to commit to one training meeting a month, additional self-monitored shooting and attending one tournament a month between April and September, please complete the form found on the county site to the County Coaching Organiser, Val Smith, at

More information and the application form can be found on the County Site here

Latest classification and record update

The Indoor Season is definitely now upon us with achievements reflecting either the shorter outside rounds or indoor rounds. If you happen to be out and about shooting an indoor round Louise has asked if you could either email her your sheets or leave them in the folder in the kitchen as it’s still great to hear how you’re all doing!

New Classifications
James Woodgate – Gent U14 – Longbow – Junior Bowman

New Club Records   *= County record
Woodgate James – Albion – Longbow – Gentlemen U14 – 12-Oct-2014 – 189
Ruffle Ed – Frostbite – Barebow – Gentlemen U18 – 19-Oct-2014 – 80
Sokolovskaya Olga – Frostbite – Barebow – Ladies – 19-Oct-2014 – 248
*Piper Eleanor – Long Metric III – Recurve – Ladies U16 – 19-Oct-2014 – 601
*Piper Louisa – Long Metric V – Recurve – Ladies U12 – 19-Oct-2014 – 644
Matthews Luke – Portsmouth – Barebow – Gentlemen – 23-Oct-14 – 530
*Piper Louisa – Stafford – Recurve – Ladies U12 – 20-Oct-2014 – 567
*Piper Eleanor – Stafford – Recurve – Ladies U16 – 20-Oct-2014 – 656
*Piper Eleanor – FITA 18 – Recurve – Ladies U16 – 20-Oct-2014 – 539

More Good News from the Field

New Classifications
Alex Ruffle Gents U16 2nd Class recurve

New Club Records *= County record
Ruffle Ed – National – Barebow – Gentlemen U16 – 5-Oct-2014 – 268
Piper Eleanor – National – Recurve – Ladies u16 – 5-Oct-2014 – 574
Woodgate James – New National – Longbow – Gentlemen U14 – 5-Oct-2014 – 43
* Piper Louisa – Short Junior National – Recurve – Ladies U12 – 5-Oct-2014 – 634
Embury Danny – Short National – Compound – Gentlemen U14 – 5-Oct-2014 – 550
Fagg Jason – Junior National – Barebow – Gentlemen – 12-Oct-2014 – 156

Classification and Records update

The season is drawing to a close but try telling that to WAC archers who are still out there shooting records!
Congratulations to everyone:

Age Changes
Danny Embury – Gents U14 – Compound Junior Bowman
Jack Gorman – Gents U16 – Recurve 1st Class
Adrian James – Gent – Recurve 2nd Class

New Club Records *= County record
28/9/14 Long Metric 4 – Alex Davies – Ladies U12 Recurve – 440
28/9/14 Long Metric Ladies – Olga Sokolovskaya – Ladies Barebow – 313
28/9/14 Long Metric Ladies – Luke Mathews – Gents Barebow – 355

Classifications, Handicaps and Records

The outdoor season may be coming to a close but there’s absolutely no sign of flagging from our WAC archers. Particular attention should be drawn to the whopping score of 1404 shot by Andrea Gales – blimey!!
Also Eleanor Piper’s Bristol 3 County Record, which had stood intact for 30 years before she claimed it at the WAC Open; by comparison Louisa Piper’s Metric V National Record had stood for just 8 weeks (since she shot it at the SAW!).
Well done to everyone who has achieved their personal goals across the summer no matter how big or small – you’re all fantastic!

New Classifications
Elaine Fagg Ladies Recurve 3rd Class
Kevin Fagg Gents Barebow 2nd Class
Helen Ruffle Ladies Recurve 2nd Class
James Woodgate Gents U14 Longbow 2nd Class
John Tagliani Gents U14 Recurve 1st Class
Ted Arlidge Gents U12 Recurve 3rd Class
Tony Meadows Gents Barebow 3rd Class

New Handicap
Ted Arlidge Gents U12 Recurve 82
Tony Meadows Gent Barebow 7

New Club Records   *= County record  **=National record
31/8/14 Eleanor Piper Ladies U16 Recurve Bristol II 1154
31/8/14 Louisa Piper Ladies U12 Recurve Bristol III 1102
6/9/14 Chris Mott Gent Compound WA1440 Gent (FITA Gent) 1343
6/9/14 Andrea Gales Ladies Compound  WA 1440 Ladies (FITA Ladies) 1404 *
7/9/14 Louisa Piper Ladies U12 Metric 5 1351 **
7/9/14 Eleanor Piper Ladies U16 Metric 3 1318 *
9/9/14 Danny Embury Gent U12 Compound Junior National 572 *
9/9/14 Sammie James Ladies Compound Short Junior National 392
14/9/14 Eleanor Piper Ladies U16 Recurve Bristol III 1220 *
14/9/14 Louisa Piper Ladies U12 Bristol IV 1184
14/9/14 Helen Ruffle Ladies Recurve Bristol II 857
21/9/14 Danny Embury Gents U12 Compound Bristol IV 1160 *
21/9/14 Ed Ruffle Gents U16 Barebow Bristol III 614

Records and Classification updates

Club Records
31/8/14 Ed Ruffle – Gent u16 – Barebow – Bristol 2 – 463

New Classifications
Sharon Baker – Ladies Longbow – 1st Class
Helen Barrett – Ladies Longbow – 1st Class
John Tagliani – Gents U14 – Recurve – 2nd Class

New Handicaps and Classifications
James Woodgate – Gent U14 Longbow – 2nd Class – 70
Keith Pritchard – Gent Longbow – 3rd Class – 74