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Chessington Junior Shoot 13th June 2015.
After a week spent wondering if the weather forecast was going to be correct (thunderstorms and rain all day) I was relieved to wake up to the sun being out albeit slightly on the cooler side for it being June (a check of the forecast still said rain all day!).
After a quick stop at Rivernook to pick up Alex, I arrived at Chessington to find all but 2 of our juniors already there and setting up tents/bows etc before being found by Andrew Trimble to ask if I had the trophy que a panic to get the trophy from my house to Chessington (massive thank you to Helen and Alan for going and getting it for me!!)
Just after 9 we had our team talk where the team objective of having fun and shooting well was pointed out before all warming up before the assembly  at 9.30 with a reminder of the rules and an added reminder after a Woking mishap last year of making sure score was written down before arrows were pulled was essential. Just after the assembly team captains from all clubs (Woking A being captained by Alex and Woking B by Manon) shot a whistling arrow in memory of both Jason Griffiths and Don Hollicks.
Woking A were made up of: Alex D, Andrew, James and Louisa.
Woking B were made up of: Alex R, Ed, Jessica, John and Manon.
Once the whistling arrows had been collected it was time for a final good luck before sighters. I tried to ensure that I kept a check of how everyone was doing and offering encouragement where needed.
At the first distance change the juniors had a quick chance to grab a snack and drink while the targets were reset and it gave us the first chance to see how both teams where doing with the A’s leading the A group by 200 points and the B’s trailing by 150 points. A quick reminder to all that 150 points wasn’t a lot and that Guildford B team could be caught with some good positive shooting and we were back on our way.
Not before too long we stopped for the lunch break under the club gazebo (thanks to Chris for bringing this across for me) where the team surprised Manon with a chocolate cake for her birthday the previous day which was enjoyed by all present. Most of the juniors spent the remainder of the lunch break in the park just across the way whilst parents sat and talked. By this point the A team still in the lead by 200 points in the A team competition and the B team were trailing by 300 points. Another quick team talk reminding everyone to keep shooting well and to shoot the best that they can and we were back shooting.
So far we had managed to avoid the rain that had been forecast but the temperature certainly hadn’t gone up, so those of us not shooting where beginning to rummage for extra layers to keep warm!
All our juniors continued to shoot well with every single one of them making me proud with special mentions to Alex R and Ed both shooting the longest distance barebow (2 of only 5 barebows in the whole competition) and John and Jessica both shooting as part of the Woking Junior Team for the first time.
By 2.30 we had finished shooting for the day and had to wait while final scores were added up (we have probably earnt ourselves another added reminder next year to ensure that a) scores are added up as you go to save time and prevent problems with phone scores not tying up with the score sheet and trying to find where the mistake is and b) to ensure if you are shooting an imperial round that your scores continue ONLY odd numbers and not an even number).
Final results were announced dead on 3pm with Woking A winning on a massive score of 3384 while Richmond A came 2nd finished up on 2984 and CMO A came 3rd finishing on 2685. Unfortunately the B team Cup made by Eleanor went home with Guildford B who finished on 2942 while Woking B finished on 2469. But to find a positive, our B team finished 5th overall beating some strong side from other clubs.
I hope all our juniors are pleased with how they shot, they all certainly shot well from what I could see of them throughout the day and I hope they all had a great time along with their parents.
Sam Morley
Woking Junior Team Manager

Chessington Junior 2015 Manon's B'day chess (2) Don Hollick Trophy


2014 Tournaments

Eleanor Piper’s England Debut! from Helen Piper
Eleanor had the most amazing experience in her first shoot for England in Wales for the Junior Euronations; such was the impact that she was still smiling on Monday morning!
In wet and windy conditions she shot way above her previous 60m 720 PB to shoot 578 and 569 to win Silver in the Girls Cadet Recurve. This added to her medal tally of Gold for Overall Team and Gold for Recurve Team. On the Sunday she managed to put in a near International qualifying score of 591 to end what was a hugely enjoyable experience.
Louisa meanwhile was up in Nottingham defending her Junior Masters title. Having come 2nd (out of 25) in the girls’ ranking round she won her H2H matches with the exception of the one against her Academy room-mate. Shooting against a close friend was a surprisingly emotional experience and one that had Louisa, for once, floored – killer instinct lessons beckon?! Never the less she still came away with a Bronze medal and a big smile!

AGB National Series, Stages 1&2, Penicuik, Scotland – Chris Woodgate – 21-22nd June
As we sit in a car headed on the long journey southwards, it seems that pen must be put to paper; or rather, fingertip to touchscreen, to report on a weekend’s shooting at legs 1&2 of the Archery GB National Series 2014, in Penicuik, Scotland.
The format for the Saturday was a World Archery 70M round, followed by Head to Head matches in the afternoon. The morning session was choppy to say the least, and in a tough headwind Andrea managed to seed fifth in the Ladies’ Compound, whilst Chris ended up twenty-fifth in the Gents’ Recurve. The wind calmed down somewhat for the afternoon’s match play, and Andrea fought through to 4th place, earning valuable National Series ranking points on a day when conditions favoured a spot of “Trigger Spanking” (in the words of one top compound archer). Chris was knocked out of the competition in the 1/16th eliminations.
Sunday’s conditions proved altogether more conducive to high scores, although the breeze proved tricky at points throughout the day. The format was a straight WA 1440 round. At lunchtime Andrea was relegated to second place by a single point, but pulled away in the afternoon to finish six points clear of the rest of the field on a respectable 1387. Chris cobbled together a reasonable score off the back of a very poor 90M. It has to be said that at the end of the day a can of the fabled Irn-Bru was sampled – the Scotsman’s non-alcoholic drink of choice. This is perhaps an experience not to be repeated; the bright orange colour and extensive list of E-Numbers on the can was off putting, and the flavour left a little to be desired.
All in all an enjoyable trip, especially since barely a drop of rain was felt all weekend, despite being in Scotland.
I am afraid to say that I (Chris) will not be present for legs 3&4 of the Series, as I will be jetting off to Moscow for the Junior Europa Cup, but normal service will be resumed for the rest of the season.
C and A over and out!

Kent “World Archery Star” Tournament – 22nd June
Sporting a finger injury (not broken – we checked!) Louisa headed down to Kent last Sunday to shoot a Metric 4 having spent the week staying with her grandparents in Germany. The weather was beautifully sunny and warm but with a nasty wind; a combination that gave many of us a rather red glow to be going home with! Louisa won her distance, concluding with a new 356 (only dropping 4 points) National Record at the “dart-throwing” 10m distance – this brings her NR total this season to four.

Bowmen of Burleigh – Helen Piper King – 15th June
Despite a preceding week of hot sunshine the Burleigh shoot was cold, dull and disappointingly windy. Still that did nothing to mar the spirits of a shoot filled up by the late cancellation of the Rivernook Shoot earlier in the week.
Woking was represented by two archers:
Eleanor Piper who shot a Bristol 3 to score 1210 and claim her 1200 Rose Badge (a HC score of 36). Eleanor won her distance and the  “Norman Insurance Girls Challenge Trophy” for highest scoring Junior Girl (post picture).
Sean McArdle shot a Longbow York round and won best Longbow Gold.burleigh nellsean best gold longbow

A First for Me – Jude Watts – 11th June – Guildford Take-a-Break shoot
I am delighted to say that I made my debut, as a competitive archer, on Wednesday 11th June at the Take a Break Shoot in Guildford. After a warm welcome at the registration tent they were extremely accommodating with a fellow archer who wished to change his round, twice (Alan)!!! Everybody was very friendly and although there was an air of competitiveness they were all particularly helpful and considerate, explaining the procedure and etiquette (patiently). I was conscious that I didn’t want to make any faux pas or boo-boos in front of everyone, but as it happened nobody seemed to mind at all, or even notice!
I had a great time, especially as it was a sunny day, and I was even pleased with my score, (a PB of course) despite not having done any practice!
The chairman can quite rightly say that his wife is now a competitive archer …….”don’t worry darling, nowhere near your standards, yet.”
All in all it was a ‘Grand Day Out’ and I met some new people who I hope to see again when I enter another event……yes I am going to have another go! Although I am not yet ready for the ‘Bus Pass’ shoot I was hearing about!
For anybody out there wondering about giving an outside shoot a go, DO IT. My only regret is that I left it so long.

Spelthorne George Potts Memorial Shoot – Harvey Davies – 1st
A fantastic day for Woking Archery Club at the Spelthorne George Potts Memorial Shoot.
Alex Davies won the Bristol 5 and secured her Junior Master Bowman for this outdoor season.
Louisa Piper was second in the Junior Bristol 3 (Girls) this is shooting up two distances for her age group so a great result.
James Woodgate won the Boys Junior Bristol 3 again up an age group and distance.
Eleanor Piper won the Junior Bristol 1 – also shot a senior bowman score and would have been placed third with the senior women, a fantastic result considering this is an 80yd round.
Harvey Davies won the Gents Compound York and secured his first Master Bowman score.
Louise Davies was second in the Ladies Hereford round.
Woking won the Recurve Team prize with Roy Watts and Paul Jay being pushed on by Eleanor Piper and Louise Davies and we also won the Compound double with Harvey Davies and Chris Mott.
Duffers prize for the day could go to all the senior archers – remember to shoot on your OWN target and if you have a good sight mark USE IT!

European Selection Shoot – Sue Woodgate – Saturday 31 May Sunday 1 June
First leg of the Andrea & Chris tour completed at the weekend with special guest Sue for  one appearance only! The pair of them will be left to their own devices for the rest of the season – be warned all you archers. Andrea shot well all weekend and came first in the Ladies Compound so is off to Antalya for leg 3 of the World Cup. Chris shot well, holding his own. He didn’t win the 1 available place for the Youth Olympics but you have to be in the selection shoot in the first place to be in with a chance. Sue spent a sunny Sunday as agent for one of the para archers – no reading or snoring on the tent for her. Highlights of the weekend Mixed Grill as the perfect protein meal before shooting, Mint Frappucino after Saturday’s shooting, the ideal team, great company, singing Delilah on the way home and not forgetting Florence, our fluffy pink sat nav. Watch this space for more tales from the intrepid archers. Next stop Penicuik, for the 1st 2 legs of the AGB National series!

Woking AC One-day Knockout – Pete Champion – Sunday 25th May
On Sunday 25th May, Woking Archery Club, once again held their “One day knock-out” competition, where, all Archery disciplines shoot against one another, on handicap, for “Senior & Junior” Glass Trophies which they keep.
This is usually good fun, as Archers are knocked out every-other dozen, but carryon shooting until all have completed a Windsor round (9 doz. Arrows)
Throughout the day, Scores are handed in, Tickets are drawn to determine who shoots against whom, and everyone, including the organisers get confused in the process.
Weather was good, and scores for those who reached the Final, surprised themselves with their results.
Senior winner was Kevin Fagg, who beat Denise Morley and Sam Davies won the under 12, with Ed Ruffle winning the over 12 Junior Trophies.
All winners blasted their handicaps in the process.
Archery Trophies June 2014

Salisbury Fita – 18th May
Congratulation to Louisa Piper who has gained her JMB for the 2014 season with third JMB score (Metric V 1329)

1st round flag shoot Guildford  – 18th May – Phil Embury
Woking won the 1st flag round at Guildford on the strength of our Juniors performances (Lewis, Alex and Dan) plus a noteworthy contribution from Tony Meadows! It was a pretty hot day and the older male members if the team (Harvey, Tony, Chris and myself) are all sporting rosy red bald patches (of varying sizes of course). I attach a photo of our victorious quartet:

Evesham Open Metrics & 720s – 17th/18th May – Helen Piper King
On Saturday Louisa shot at the Evesham Open Metrics, shooting 1333 to match the NATIONAL RECORD for the Metric V, winning overall Girls Recurve. She also claimed two NATIONAL RECORDS at 20m and 15m (breaking her own record at this distance set earlier in the month).
On Sunday Eleanor shot at the Evesham Double 720s and shot two Qualifying scores meaning that her attendance at the AGB Selection Shoot next April is confirmed. J Andrea also shot on the Sunday to win her overall Lady Compound.

Southern Counties Archery Meeting  – 13th to 16th May – Mark Preston
The 101st SCAM was held this year at St Cross in Winchester. Five WAC members attended, Candy Schofield (your Treasurer), Roy Watts (your Chairman), Paul Jay, Jane Lawrence-Tuck and Mark Preston (your Armourer). As usual we had a great time with the weather being pretty near perfect for Archery, so no excuses! In fact we all came away with prizes: Candy was 3rd placed Lady, won best score at 80 yds and one of the winning Recurve Ladies County team; Jane won the Shield for Compound overall “Champion of the South” and was a member of the winning Compound County mixed team, Paul was 2nd in the Bowman Class; Roy won the Portsmouth Cup for most hits and I won the Trophy for Best gold at 100yds (woo hoo!).
A “Meeting” is an Archery competition which, I promise you, is just like shooting at WAC on a Sunday morning. The rules are theoretically those for any other Rose Status York/Hereford, but apart from shooting in the general direction of the target, almost anything goes. One rule, rigorously enforced, is the one that states “Archers shall not drink beer until they have scored a gold”. At least I overheard someone say they had been told it was in the rulebook… Over the years I’ve seen some pretty long faces on those whose arrows are avoiding the custard!
Mid morning and mid afternoon tea and coffee are served on trays for each target, and for those who want it, a two course meal is served at lunchtime.
Another feature of SCAM is that if you go each year, you will shoot with the same target companions. I’ve been on Target 7 with the same two guys for 15 years and the people on the next target will likely be the same as well, so it’s as much a social event as a shoot. Newcomers are welcomed with open arms and having been once I guarantee you will become an addict.
This year we were one Lady short of a Club recurve team (2 Gents and 2 Ladies needed) so if any of you would like to go (Ladies or Gents or whatever discipline) please have a word with any of us addicts for more info.

In 2015 SCAM will be held from Tuesday 12th May to Friday 15th May.
Tuesday is Longbow day,
Wednesday & Thursday are the Championship Meeting days (York/Herefords)
Friday is the Handicap day, taking your Championship scores into account. Prize giving is at 3pm sharp!
You don’t have to do all 4 days of course, it’s all up to you.
I’m already looking forward to next year, hope to see you there!
PS, More details at:

Andover Spring FITA – 11th May – Jane Lawrence-Tuck
Really windy day throughout, rain and wind at the longer distances in the morning and overcast and windy all afternoon – sun came out as we were packing up, lovely. nice windburn for everyone and a great battle with myself and Pauline Burfitt all day – within a few points here and there each end and a tie to finish on 1292 with me winning on golds. Good day but shoulders and back ached from the wind!!

WMAS / Walsall Ladies Double Fita – 3rd & 4th May – Jane Lawrence-Tuck
Two beautiful days, sunny, warm and sunburnt arms on the Saturday and overcast and a slight breeze on the Sunday. Was very pleased at getting my 3rd MB and a 4th MB to boot and to come 5th overall. Andrea shot brilliantly to lead both days and win overall.

NCAS Caswell Metric – 11th May – Helen Piper King
Louisa and Eleanor Piper set off on their first away tournament of the season and both were delighted to win their groups on what was a dry but breezy day in Northants. Eleanor shot her first Qualifying Score (to allow her to go to the Selection Shoot at Lilleshall next April – she needs two more scores) shooting 1137 on the U18 Metric II distance. Louisa, shooting a Metric V, put in a score of 1326 and with it her first NATIONAL RECORD at 15m (now ratified).